The treatment that you will receive will be a full body massage (modified to your needs) which includes bodywork from the edges of your body, to the very centre of yourself.

  What should I wear?
During the treatment you will be wearing your comfy clothes, while lying on a mat on the floor. If you are coming directly from work or don’t have the appropriate clothing, I can provide you with a clean t-shirt and comfy trousers.

  How is the massage done?
During the massage I will use my thumbs, palms, forearms, or knees, to massage your muscles without using any oils – which makes Thai Yoga massage a very safe way for those who have sensitive skins.

  Did you say yoga?
By manipulating your body and placing it to various positions, we can resemble yoga asanas. If you have done yoga before, you know what I am talking about. Tree pose, warrior pose, triangle pose, camel pose, pigeon pose, various spinal twists, are only some of the yoga asanas that can be included in the treatment.

  But I am not flexible…
The yoga asanas will be done by me placing your body to various positions – no force is needed from your side. When your body is in place, I will guide your breathing to achieve even deeper stretches – again, without you pushing or contracting your muscles at all. Imagine it as having someone else doing yoga poses to you – it has been called “lazy man’s yoga” 🙂 You are all welcome to join, no matter your flexibility – that’s one of the things that we will work on after all!


  • You are welcome to visit my relaxing space for a treatment at my home at Fallowfield, Manchester – safe parking available or at the street.
    thai mattress
  • I also do home visits in Manchester area. In the case of a home visit, please note that we need a quiet place, where there will be no disturbances. The room should be big enough to fit you while lying down with your arms wide open, plus some more space for the therapist to move around – calculate about 7ft x 6ft (or about 2m x 1.8m).
    lying down - dimensions
  • When the weather is nice and warm, I can provide the treatments at a park, or a beach – just let me know that you would prefer to receive Thai Yoga massage while being surrounded by nature, trees, and fresh air!

After the treatment
Please allow some time for post-treatment tips, where we can talk about your issues, while you will be offered some refreshment. Based on observations, I will provide you some self-help exercises and stretches that you can do on your own time to improve your flexibility and painful areas. Moreover, meditation and breathing techniques will be provided to those who would like to feel more relaxed and connected.

If you are coming for the first time, please note that before the treatment there will be a free consultation session, which usually lasts 10-15 minutes. During the consultation you will be asked to fill out a form regarding your health condition. This is due to provide you the best appropriate treatment for your own case. If you want to have a look at the consultation form, click here.

If you would like to know more about the prices and various promotions, please click here.

Thai Yoga massage is a very safe form of bodywork and, I will happily adapt the treatment to suit you, and any health issues you may have. But if there’s anything worrying you or you have any health conditions, call or visit and I’ll be happy to talk to you about whether it’s suitable. Furthermore, you can read about specific contraindications here.

If in doubt, please speak to your GP.