What is Thai Yoga massage
Thai Massage (or Nuat Phaen Boran in Thai) is an ancient spiritual and physical practice, which helps the receiver to remove physical and mental blockages. By incorporating various techniques, as acupressure, gentle twisting, and deep stretching, this treatment is very effective for releasing tension, increasing vitality, and creating a wholeness of mind, body, and spirit.

Thai massage differs from other types of massage, as it is done wearing your comfy clothes, on a mat on the floor, and without the use of oils! Moreover, the therapist uses his thumbs, palms, forearms, knees, feet, to stretch your muscles and place your body to specific poses, which resemble yoga asanas, while on the same time high importance is given to breathing. Imagine it as having someone else doing yoga poses to you – it has been called “lazy man’s yoga”.

Even though Thai Yoga massage flourished in Thailand, it is believed that its origins are from north India. What most people may not be familiar with is that it has strong relations with Ayurveda, and common features with Traditional Chinese Medicine. If you would like to know more about the history of this eastern practice, click here.

Thai Yoga massage is a holistic therapy and the benefits are numerous, both in body and spirit.

  • Through the yoga-style physical exercise, the body releases tension, the joints become more flexible, and the circulations improves.
  • Your physical and mental stress will diminish, leaving you in a state of peace.
  • Thai Yoga massage can also be energizing, transmitting you spontaneity and power to act.

Thai Yoga massage is especially important to athletes, who have a lot of muscular strength, but may lack much flexibility. Moreover, people with stiff and tight joints, who had surgeries, or suffer from limited mobility, will be benefited as the treatment improves the movement and the range of motion in all areas of the body.

Apart of the physical benefits, through the gentle massage and acupressure your mental stress will diminish and a state of relaxation will abound in your mind. Breathing is a very important aspect in Thai Yoga massage. When it is necessary, the therapist guides you through a series of inhalations and exhalations, to achieve even greater relaxation and stretches in your body.

To read about the specific treatment that you will receive, please click here.