Just a quick update about our last session with Senior Yogis. The friendly and relaxed atmosphere made the session great, we all enjoyed it. Actually I had missed the awesome group of Senior Yogis at Holland Court!

So, in the session I include various mindful breathing and visualisation exercises to bring health, positivity, and vitality. In between, I incorporate gentle exercises for stretching and relaxing different parts of the body, for example neck, shoulders, arms, legs, spine.
For maximum benefits each exercise is coordinated with breathing, while I guide the participants step by step. Last but not least, we conclude with a short arm-chair variation of Sun Salutation (Surya Namaskar) which is followed by a closing meditation.

The next Senior Yogis session will be at the beginning of 2017, I will keep you updated.

Merry Christmas guys and thank you for your participation 🙂