Our Self-Love Spiritual Journey

…one more Offline Portugal retreat!


Our Self-Love Spiritual Journey - retreat

Last September, I led my second meditation retreat at the Offline Portugal guest house, which is located at Aljezur in South Portugal. If you haven’t been there yet, make it a priority to visit this awesome place on your next holidays! The idea is that you have an internet-free vacation by giving up your mobile for your stay there. Most probably you are already thinking some of the benefits of this unique concept; disconnection from all the busyness of the social media and internet world, connection with other people, finding the lost time you always wanted for yourself!

The topic of this year’s retreat was Self-Love, which is something that we all have to rediscover. I started the retreat by focusing on the two most basic steps for Self-Love. The first and crucial step is to learn who we really are (not who we believe we are), and the second is to accept ourselves – no matter who harshly we may judge ourselves inside out minds. The retreat also included various techniques for accelerating our progress, like discovering our values, life purpose, Negative Visualization, affirmations, and group discussions. I believe that by the end of my sessions, everyone was feeling deep appreciation and love towards his/her self, which then could be expanded towards other.

Apart from the usual topic discourses, and meditation sessions, there were also group and individual activities. The latter was strongly connected with the therapeutic act of writing, and more specifically with writing down personal experiences, letters to future self, and various other journal-like writings. The main purpose of these writing activities was to enhance creativity and decipher the spaghetti in our minds regarding our personal growth.

The retreat also incorporated individual and group psychotherapy sessions by the amazing Hugo Santos, and energy healing sessions from the therapist Antonio Lopes. Last but not least, Barbara, the co-founder of Offline Portugal, was providing yoga sessions for stretching and unwinding our tangible body. All of these elements came together to eloquently built a strong connection between all the attendants.

I am really looking forward to organising one more successful retreat with Barbara and other interesting people at Offline Portugal next summer – see you all there 🙂

Our Self-Love Spiritual Journey - pic

Here you can read a few of the testimonials:

It was all very interesting and each activity complemented each other

I enjoyed the atmosphere, the group, and everything in the house that helped me to focus mindfully on my self-feelings.

“I enjoyed the routine of meditations. Thanks for giving me a small part of your time!”

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