You are all welcome to join me, on May’s first bank holiday, to a Meditation afternoon at Richmond Park.
The first session is an introduction to mindfulness and will include various breathing and meditative practices to bring our awareness closer to the present moment and ourselves.

Monday, 1st of May 2017 at 17:00-18:00

Amenity Building,
Whitworth Lane,
Richmond Park,
M14 6YY

students £3, public £5
All profits go to WaterAid UK.
If you want to know more about the 4Water Manchester projects, here are some links for you: 4WaterYoga4Water Manchester.

Most of the times, we don’t admit, even to ourselves, that life does not always live up to our expectations, with result to be stressed and accumulate anxiety. However, we can learn to relate difficult and emotional situations with balance and compassion, through meditation which is the practice of focusing our attention on a specific object. The object can be a word, a sound, a candle flame, our breathing, parts of our body, our senses, our thoughts, the world around us – actually, we can meditate upon anything.

Mindfulness however, goes a step further; it is paying attention without judgement in the here and now, no matter what our current situation is. We all have tried, unsuccessfully, to stop our thoughts. They are coming and passing always in the present moment, they arise in our mind like bubbles in boiling water. However, by taking a non-judgemental attitude towards them, we can investigate and accept them. The more mindful we are throughout our day, the easier it becomes to see our situations as they are, without being caught in negative thinking.

In these meditation classes we set forward topics that concern most of us, like thoughts, anxiety, ego, reality, the present moment. Each topic provides the framework of the day’s practice, which is used to guide the participants into a deeper and non-judgemental understanding of the inner world and surrounding environment.

The meditation classes are suitable for beginners and more advanced practitioners, and will incorporate breathing exercises, meditation and mindfulness practice, group activities, and discussion on various topics.