Are you heart broken or feeling a lack of self-esteem?
Are you in a transition of your life path and need some guidance and healing?
If your answer is yes, sounds that this 5 night retreat is for you!

I will lead a meditation retreat on Self-Love at Offline Portugal, on 13-18 September 2017. The guest house is an amazing place to forget your every day life, disconnect from the busy-busy world we all live in, and reconnect with people and with what matters most to you.

The meditation sessions will be a mindful exploration of ourselves, where we rediscover our true nature by accepting the way we are, heal from past traumas, and learn simple practices for promoting our well-being in our every day life. All these as we make our journey towards Self-Love!

Apart of the meditation sessions, the retreat also includes personal coaching sessions, yoga classes, energy healing, and many more treats – for more info, please read here:

This is my 2nd retreat at Offline Portugal – you can read about the first one here.

Hope to see you all there 🙂