Last September, I led a meditation retreat at Offline Portugal. Offline Portugal is an awesome guest house, located at Aljezur at South Portugal, where everyone has the opportunity to disconnect from the busy world and reconnect with people and nature. Apart of the connection with all beautiful people there, I really enjoyed my stay because of the warm weather, tasty food, breathtaking cliffs by the coast, and Barbara’s awesome yoga sessions (which by the way went hand-by-hand with my retreat’s theme).

In the ‘Meditation for Learning Ourselves’ retreat, I set forward topics that concert most of us, like meditative state, thoughts and mind, ego and reality, living in present moment. Each topic provides the framework of the day’s lecture, which I use to guide the participants into a deeper and non-judgemental understanding of our inner world and surrounding environment.

Besides that, during each topic I incorporate various group activities for connecting the participants, which can be used as a basic daily exercise with friends and family. The main idea about this retreat is to learn our true selves while understanding our connection with the universe, in order to rediscover that inner peace that most of us have lost.

The retreat went smoothly! We started with an introduction to meditation with simple (however tremendously beneficial) breathing techniques for daily practice – after all mindfulness is supposed to be a way of life, not something that we do once or twice a year on retreats. The progression of the topics brought the participants closer to themselves, who realised the deeper meaning of things we usually take for granted. Moreover, subjects like our mind’s constant activity, our voluntary and involuntary actions, how the ego manipulates our behaviours, the simple way of living in the present, were playing a big part during our retreat.

The next meditation retreat at Offline Portugal will be in summer of 2017, I will keep you updated 🙂


Here you can read some of the testimonials:

I could find some peace, think about myself and find out that I can be happy with what I am
  P.M. – Portugal

I enjoyed Spiros’ calm non-prescriptive way of teaching
  L.S. – South Africa

I liked the fact that it went progressively in terms of difficulty and that it was so informal and relaxed
  J.F. – Portugal

I enjoyed the theoretical aspects and being able to reflect on these later with the handouts. Thank you it was fantastic 🙂
  K.C. – New Zealand

If you want to know more about meditation and mindfulness, please take a look at my meditation page. There, you can find basic (and more advanced) techniques for breathing, mindfulness, visualization. If you have any question, do not hesitate to contact me.