“Feeling Tall” – a self-help sequence

“Feeling Tall” Thai massage is a holistic treatment that provides physical and psychological benefits. However, for maintaining wellbeing, I advise my clients to exercise in between treatments. The following self-help sequence, is a short routine to include in our daily lives. Apart of of freeing and rejuvenating your spine, you will also gain height lost … [Read more…]

Senior Yogis impressions

Just a quick update about our last session with Senior Yogis. The friendly and relaxed atmosphere made the session great, we all enjoyed it. Actually I had missed the awesome group of Senior Yogis at Holland Court! So, in the session I include various mindful breathing and visualisation exercises to bring health, positivity, and vitality. … [Read more…]

Senior Yogis this Saturday!

For the senior ones (but not only) who are interested in some relaxing and mindful exercises, please join me at Holland Court this Saturday at 12 o’clock on 3rd of December 2016! The session that I provide will be 1 hour long and will follow the routine that I used to provide to Senior Yogis. … [Read more…]