Affirmations for positive living

Think Positive!

Over the years, we tend to get into unhelpful thinking habits and reflect negatively on ourselves and situations. An amazing technique for developing a new attitude is using positive statements, called affirmations, and today I would like to talk about them and also share my latest experience with them.

In the case you don’t know what they are, affirmations are short statements that you repeat to yourself, out loud or subvocally; something like mantras. They have the effect of conditioning your subconscious mind to feel and act in a specific way. You can think of them as initial triggers of Classical Conditioning – I guess you have heard about Pavlov’s dog 🙂

In the past, I have used mantras and I can tell you that after repetition they have the potentiality of becoming really powerful. My eager to experiment more pushed me a year ago to create the affirmation that you can find further down, which I incorporated into my morning and evening meditation; the effect was definitely positive!

After months of using my affirmation day and night, an evening came that I didn’t use it, I didn’t repeat it during my meditation. Most probably, the next morning I was late for work, so I didn’t use it then either. One thing led to another, and as life goes by, I forgot about my affirmation altogether. After all, it doesn’t need much to cease a habit, it only needs stopping it for a short time, and then the mind automatically forgets about it.

A couple of months later, while I was ending my usual evening meditation, out of nowhere a forgotten thought popped in. You guessed it, it was about my old affirmation. I smiled and said my affirmation. The meditation just before had helped me to calm my mind and be present on what I was experiencing, so when that thought came, I grabbed it, used my affirmation and I totally connected with its meaning. As I was repeating it over and over again for a couple of minutes, I could feel it deep into my skin.

The next day came and it was beautiful! You all know what I mean; I woke up rested, full of energy, with eager to go out and be active. And the day ended as beautifully as it started. I was feeling energised and good about myself.

Maybe that was the effect of my affirmation, maybe not, I know for sure though that I am one more person confirming the positive effects of the affirmations. There are plenty of other people who talk about affirmations and mantras – a quick search on the internet will provide you with an amazing number of people who use them positively. The only way to be convinced of their positive outcome is to try it out for yourselves.

The affirmation that I have developed and I use daily is the following:

Today, I don’t worry
Today, I am happy
Today, I give thanks for all my blessings

As you may notice, this affirmation refers to the future (‘don’t worry’), to the present (‘am happy’), and to the past (‘give thanks for all my blessings’), so it covers the whole span of our lives.

To close, I would like to mention that for your positive affirmation to work, you must repeat it continuously, at least in the beginning. When you walk down the street, repeat it subvocally, when you cook repeat it out loud if you prefer. Moreover, set aside a few minutes every day to meditate on the affirmation you have chosen. Most importantly, repeat it whenever you notice you have a negative thought – you will immediately tackle the latter by using your positive affirmation.

If you are new to affirmations, my advice is that you should experiment with different affirmations until you find the one that suits you. Here is a list of some positive statements that you could use to counter your bad thinking habits.

  • I love myself
  • I accept myself
  • I love being confident
  • I can achieve anything
  • I am a loving person
  • I have all that I need
  • I am and feel healthy
  • I have a lot to be proud of
  • All is well
  • My life has meaning
  • Everything is getting better day by day
  • Today is the first day of the rest of my life

Feel free to use any of the affirmations in the post and please let me know about your own experience 🙂